Photographed:Grandma,Grandpa &Dad

It seems that cancer has touched one too many lives in one way or another; a friend, a love, a mother or brother. While there is no exact known cause I don’t feel I can just sit back and continue living the same life. I recently lost my Grandmother to cancer after her two year battle and now that the services are done, the pain still lingers. My beautiful Grandmother was only 62 as we lay her to rest. The one thing that is helping me through this is my faith. My faith helps me to remain thankful, thankful for my Grandmothers life,the memories, the love, the support, unity of friends and family.

My Grandmother truly lived life and watching cancer keeping her from doing so was truly the hardest part, but if everyday she was strong enough to wake up and fight, I prayed and found strength to visit her and be by┬áher side. While my Grandmother is no longer physically with me, as a believer in God, I know that my grandmother is in a better place no longer suffering. Through her suffering I’ve realized how much of a blessing health is.

I know my Grandmother would want me to continue to learn from her to grow into a better woman, and I want to start by investing back into my health and my body.

Thank you Grandma for all you showed me and taught me and still continue to inspire me to do. I love you…


Xo Tiffany