With the last few hours of 25 dwindling down I decided to take some time to think of twenty five things I’ve learned in this quarter of a century of mine…

1.Happiness is a choice and despite the fact we all want happiness and think that’s an easy choice.Sometimes the world has a way to interfere and make this actually a harder choice thank we think we believe if we had this we would be happy or when we get to that point, but you can find happiness in the now.

2.Going with your intuition or gut feeling is usually the best choice.

3.Overthinking will drain you out! Avoid it at all cost!

4.The loss of love never really goes away.

5.Teaching is HARD WORK! Prior to being a teacher I never realized all the work , time and sacrifice good teachers make for their students.

6.However Teaching is also AWESOME! You are always learning with your students meeting new personalities your are never bored or falling asleep at work !

7.If you chew gum on a plane your ears still pop. (At least from my experience.)

8.The world is split between connected earlobes and hanging earlobes. (Mines hang, Stevens are connected. I wonder if our children will have one of his ears and one of mine. 🤞🏼)

9.The dress was actually BLUE AND BLACK although I swore it was white and gold. 🤷🏼‍♀️

10.Good friends are hard to come by, and to keep!

11.Honesty is always the best policy! Being blunt is better than being a lair.

12.Life is so much better when you don’t care what people think!

13.No one owes you anything!

14.A smile and kindness will never go out of style.You never know where these two can take you.

15.Assuming can be your worst enemy. You never know what someone is going through , thinking , feeling , so just ask them do not assume.

16.Forgiveness is HARD but living with anger is HARDER .

17.Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Self love is the best love. ✌🏼

18.Be considerate.

19.Most people have a love hate relationship with Sunday’s.

20.Creating plans and to-do list actually help get the “do” parts done. ✅

21.Sex and The City will never bore me.


23.Theres never been a better time to be a women.

24.Being grateful you’ll always feel lucky. 🍀

25.Despite how insignificant we may be in the grand scheme we are lucky to still be very significant even if to only one other person.

Xo Tiffany