After a long workweek, I was looking forward to the weekend, but much to my demise all we had was rain rain rain and we technically still haven’t hit the infamous “April Showers” yet! I can’t lie I am the type of gal whose mood improves with some sunshine and well I assume you know the rest 😡 . However, despite the weather being a bit dreary the temps were almost feeling like Spring, so I decided to make the most of it and throw on my new favorite denim mini! It was still the weekend after all so I also pulled out some Cheetah print for extra fun. My boyfriend always teases me about the amount of colors I wear in a day and now looking at these photos I can see he has a point. Nevertheless, I still loved this fierce rock look and it felt perfect for the day, mixed metallic and all.

Wearing: H&M Cheetah Print Biker Fit Jacket, Distressed Grommet Mini Skirt, Dangerous Heart Graphic Tee, H&M Heeled Combat Booties, Metallic Mesh Cross Body Bag, Faux Gold Hoop Earrings