Wearing: Mini Denim Patch Dress , Snake Skin Booties , Purple Ombre Round Sunnies

August is upon on us and these last few weekends of summer bliss will be so bitter sweet.With the change in temps comes clearance sales to rid of those last few items that didn’t quite make the cut.

Since stores do it why can’t you! Unlimited storage space is luxury that most people of the 21st century do not have. So, make the most of your space, a good closet cleaning is the best. You come across old gems, find things your forgot you had and maybe even some things you wished you never even purchased or purchased in a different size. Nevertheless I say get rid of it! Some retailers like H&M which has a global recycle program will take your old clothing off of your hands to help push the recycled clothing movement. H&M provides 15% off your entire purchase for any used clothing and other companies are jumping on this trend as well. In some cases, like Madewell they ask for specific old item such as jeans which they in-turn use for housing insulation for communities in need and offer $20 off a new pair through their “Blue Jeans Go Green” project.

Other retailers like Forever21 (which I am wearing) has partnered with  I:Collect (I:CO®), offer 15% your purchase when you donate use clothing and shoes to certain locations (many of which are in California). So it doesn’t hurt to look into your favorite brands and see what offers they may have as well!

So out with the old, make some space, help someone else and save some bucks for you!

“Think Green!”