The Autumn Equinox is here September 22, one of two days in the year that day and night are completely equal lengths. That ideal optimal balance that only occurs naturally twice in a year inspired this look. Blending my personal style with a  professional take. I loved the way this look came out. The mix of materials satin, woven tweed, suede and a classic polyester button down to tie it all together.

Finding balance in fashion is key to nailing your look. While there are certain go to rules that always seem to help me out personally such as only baring legs or arms, removing one item before leaving the house. However this is truly an individual preference and dependent upon your comfort level. Wearing: Mini Skirt, Sateen Boots, Suede Bag, Classic Button Down, Sunnies

Dont be afraid to mix trends,fabrics or colors. Fall is all about rich deep tones which leaves unlimited potiential for your wardrobe , so make the most of this new season! Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create! Xo