September 7th…

I first met Steven just about 12 years ago now in my first high school English class.He claims to have immediately noticed me because of the new Jordan sneakers I was wearing (it was the early 2000s), and the rest seems to be history. Today marks our 9th year “officially dating” although it seems we have always had this deeper connection since day one. Our relationship isn’t perfect however it’s ours and our unique story which I can confidently say we both hold very dear to our hearts. Our relationship grew over many years of different experiences both good, bad and in between. I think our faith and genuine understanding of one another is what helps us get through the harder days. Life is a beautiful thing and it just seems so much brighter with him by my side.

Celebrating nine anniversaries I figure I’ll share nine suggestions for special gifts.

1.Engraving a special item, for example Steven loves watches so I have had two watches engraved for him with different sayings we always say to each other. It’s a small gentle reminder each time he takes off and puts on his watch.

2.Cook a romantic dinner yes going out for a fancy dinner is always nice but sometimes taking the time to dine in and really dine sitting at the table with some candle lights is all you need to set a special tone even in the comfort of your home.

3.If you can splurge and take the time off a getaway is always the ideal gift that in return gives you back so many memories. One of our favorite and special destinations is Mexico we love it so much we have visited three times.

4.Events! Tickets to a sporting event concert whatever is your scene a fun filled day that shows you really planned to make the date a special one.I really love going to Knick games now thanks to Steven,something I would have never thought I would enjoy.Despite the teams losses 🙁 I’ve still always had a great time. Now it’s not always likely you are going to love what your significant other may, despite my attempts and our dates to the ballet I don’t think Steven is sold. Nevertheless going and making that effort is a great gift in itself as cliché as it may be.

5.Make it a surprise ! While Steven claims not to enjoy surprises I secretly know that is not true. Hence the numerous birthday cakes cupcakes limo rides and dinner surprises that we have shared in over the years. There is just so much more excitement when you truly surprise someone and more often than not they always seem to be impressed with all the hard work you put into hiding everything from them that they will get over the shock factor.

6.Go trendy, and fine dine for a night out. While I did mention staying in to cook is great if that’s not for you planning a special dinner at an exclusive resturant is always a classic gesture for your guy or girl.

7.Get crafty with a gift. Yes gifts are great and everyone loves them but heartfelt creations go along away. I created a scrapbook for Steven for our first anniversary with photos little keepsakes and the box I have it to him in was covered in all the movie ticket stubs we saw together (being 17 we saw a lot of movies lol). It’s something we both love and sometimes revisit. If you have DIY skills in an area then get creative it takes more time and thought into making a gift with someone in mind rather than purchasing one.

8.Who doesn’t love being pampered. A spa day even if it is at home is always relaxing. A day off or at least a few hours to escape reality and defiantly escape any chores, errands or other demands.

9.Last but not least is something I am very big on and it’s quite simple, a card. I love cards while they just hold words or phrases to some, to me they capture an emotion in that exact moment.The time spent to pick a card and fill it out means something. I have kept nearly all if not my cards I have received throughout my life. I can reflect on them to laugh, cry and remember a person or moment. In this digital age there are still cards sold in so many places which speaks for itself the gesture of handing or mailing someone an actual card is one that is not replaceable. 

Thanks for stopping by, let me know your thoughts and any other recommendations for special gifts that you have either received or given.