I love statement pieces in fashion just as much as the next person so much so that I would say for many years my closet consisted of beautiful outfits but many of them were impractical for daily living. As I’ve gotten older ofcourse my fashion taste has changed but I’ve also learned the value in less being more. I’ve realized that I can invest in basic pieces that are timeless and still provide a wow factor.Wearing : High Waisted Split Hem Pants, Sheer Button Down Blouse, Similar Metallic Pumps, Purse, Earrings, SunglassesOne of my my favorite things to do is wear one full solid color, black being the easiest example. Wearing one color is always sexy yet sophisticated. I put together this look which is one I would feel great wearing on a night out and feel just as glamorous as if I were wearing a cocktail dress provided the right accessories. Women dress pants are an extremely underated but when you find the perfect fit they can truly become magical radiating power and confidence.I would also feel great wearing this to an important lunch or meeting perhaps styled with a blouse that provided a bit more coverage.This entire looked cost less than $160!Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication…Xo