This weekend I took my first trip to visit the Statue of Liberty, an American gem and a city treasure welcoming all into New York City’s harbor and this country for decades. While this is merely a symbolic statue of Americas liberty, she truly does exuberate hope. I purchased my tickets a few months back since the dates do sell out quickly especially during the warmer months.It wound up being perfect timing amidst all the chaos in the world today especially with the ramped, senseless gun-violence. Visiting this sacred monument reinforced some values in my heart that it seems our country has lost in the recent years.

Since it was cloudy and I anticipated A LOT of walking, I opted to wear my studded combat inspired boots, denim and a white bell sleeve sweater blouse. I couldn’t resist wearing my old world inspired nautical hat for my trip. To complete the look I wore my favorite red shade Riri Woo  from Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC B.F (before Fenty Beauty) and a fun shaggy coat.Oh and how can I forget my favorite accessory to play with for a quick change my clip in bang! 🙂
Wearing: Jeans, Boots, Jacket,Nautical Hat,Bell-Sleeve Blouse

Being a native New York who has commuted past her gaze for years I was still in astonishment and tremendously impacted being upon Lady Liberty’s grounds. It was a great experience learning about the tedious work and craftsmanship required in her construction.Walking up the tiny spiral staircase to the city own crown views. Seeing all the photographs and artifacts of past immigrants. I was truly moved and felt so small in this universe of millions upon millions of people who all have countless stories to share.I couldn’t help but imagine all the families and individuals who laid eyes on Lady Liberty as they prepared to begin their new lives in America and the hope she perhaps provided to them after their journey. I highly recommend planning time during your visit for Ellis Island. The island does have an eerie feel as you can expect considering all the stories its walls hold, but it is such a significant part of history for millions of families. I thought it was awesome that upon a visit to the island you can search a data base for your family records, although my family did not migrate to America via Ellis Island this visit did spark my interest in my personal family’s linage and history.

Sometimes looking back is the best starting point of looking forward!