This year seems to have flown by and I still can’t get over one of the most major trends that hit us in 2017 mainly plaid! While I know that some people whom consider themselves “fashionistas” hate the word trendy and truly bash it often, but me I can careless. All in all we are in such a saturated world of everything available to us at all times, which can be a beautiful thing continuing to always be inspired by others.However in this complex time of social media and its unrealistic demands who’s to say who is truly trend setting verses trendy? More importantly what difference does it make if that person feels good about themselves?

This past weekend I couldn’t get enough of this plaid trend and I styled two different looks using the same key pieces, I’d figure I share with you. I purchased this set separately at target believe it or not! I personally think this was a steal, great for holiday, professional and even a put together night out! Best part is that both of these items are currently on sale!!!FYI all my city gals there is actually a new Target location opening on 34th street Herald Square!!!

Wearing:Jacket, Blazer, Pants, Necklace/Earrings, Shoes, Hat, Waist Purse, and Sunglasses

For a more put together look I wore both pieces together and added a bold solid color shoe, also on sale!I fell in love with this faux leather fanny pack which was very Gucci inspired that I thought would be a great add on. However if casual is more your style layering is always an easy way to incorporate a trendy detail to any outfit.That’s what I opted for Sundays look, even mixing in a silk bandana hair band.

Wearing : Boots, Bandana, Jeans and Purse

As always let me know your thoughts if you would wear or have worn some similar looks I would love to see! At the end of the day fashion says “me too”, style says “only me” and there is enough space for all of us to say “only me”!