Hi everyone!!!It’s been freezing here in NYC and it was perfect weather for me to curl under the covers and research research research!I had such tunnel vision for me to find the venue for our wedding before my birthday which is this Friday!!!! Which thanks to God we did. We finally decided on the perfect venue! (I am working on putting together a wedding journey post thus far!!) I’m not sure if I am the only person who does this but I often set small goals or deadlines in my mind. I am very much a type A making list and checking them twice haha and hopefully on productive days crossing off some to dos.

Wearing: Bomber Jacket , Leather Pants , Booties, Hat,White asymmetrical blouse Since I’ve been feeling pretty incognito this camo bomber has been a perfect go to. This laid back simple look was perfect for slipping out of the house to brace the cold and get some things done.One thing I have found myself repeating over and over as of late has been that speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.So keep moving forward babes!